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Cultural Center

The BIEO Cultural Center brings a unique blend of entertainment and education to Batwa children and tourists alike. Designed to preserve Batwa heritage and staffed by members of the community who are passionate about sharing the stories of their ancestors, the Cultural Center is a place to learn, explore, and experience the Batwa culture and way of life. 


"The Batwa Living Museum"
- Julius Tumwikirize

The preservation of Batwa culture and heritage is central to the mission of our organisation. In October 2022, we secured a one hectare plot of land to be used as a Batwa cultural center. The plot was chosen for the natural vegetation of trees and plants native to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest that cover the hill. Within the confines of the cultural center, the Batwa can access their traditional medicinal herbs and explore the cultural practices of their ancestors. Many of the older Batwa in the communities surrounding Rushaga once lived in the Forest and can visit the cultural center to remember their old home. 

The cultural center is active in preserving Batwa heritage and educating others on the Batwa’s traditional way of life. The center is staffed by Batwa that have been hand picked from the surrounding communities for their interest and commitment to preserving Batwa culture. A Mutwa elder and his wife, Bujuki (meaning honey gatherer) and Nyakatwakazi, live and sleep in the forest full time. During the holidays, they run programs for Batwa children to learn about the customs of their ancestors, culminating in an overnight stay at the cultural center. The center also runs tours for tourists where they can listen to Batwa stories, learn about ancient hunting practices, and watch cultural dances while sitting among the traditional shelters of the Batwa. This is all done with the intention of keeping the ancient culture of the Batwa alive and sharing it with all who are willing to learn.

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