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Our mission is to transform Batwa communities and the lives of Ugandans through education and to promote human rights in social, political, and cultural spheres and the revival of the Batwa people



A homegrown organisation

Founded by Julius Tumwikirize in December of 2019, the Batwa Indigenous Empowerment Organisation (BIEO) is one of only a few organisations for Batwa development that was founded by a Mutwa. We work in many sectors of Batwa development, but focus on the education of Batwa children and the preservation of our cultural heritage. Based in the Kisoro district of Uganda where most Batwa reside, we have remained close to our roots. Who better to understand and tackle Batwa problems than Batwa themselves? Our director, Julius is always traveling from one Batwa settlement to another, staying in touch with his people and listening to their grievances. Likewise, our doctor, Issa Tumwine, is always on the move as he goes from place to place bringing his expertise and medicine to those in need. We assist 65 Batwa communities across Uganda with school fees, health care, land for resettlement, food security, and more. Explore the links below to learn more about how we work with the Batwa peoples of Uganda.

Our Projects


Support us

The best way for you to support us is to come to Rushaga and give us a visit. We would love to teach you more about the Batwa and take you on guided tours of our Cultural Center, communities, and countryside. The more knowledge of Batwa culture and the life of the Batwa today there is, the more we can preserve our culture and empower our youth. All proceeds from these trips will go towards improving the livelihoods of the Batwa in Kisoro as decided upon by a council of Batwa each month. The entirety of the cost of each activity will go towards this mission and the guides and activity leaders will keep only the tips you give them. 


You can also leave a donation through GoFundMe. If you need assistance or would like to contribute through other channels please contact us and we are happy to accommodate your wishes. You can always include your specific wishes for how the money will be used, including contributions to:

  • Schools (kindergarten, primary, secondary, university, or tertiary)

  • Sponsoring individual pupils (primary or secondary)

  • The Cultural Center

  • Medicine for the Pharmacy

  • Transport and medical funds

  • Buying land to resettle Batwa

  • Food security (seeds for agriculture or food for those in boarding schools or hospitals)

  • Advocacy for human rights for the Batwa and other indigenous groups in Uganda

  • Other projects you wish to specify yourself


If you do not wish to specify how your donations will be used they will be deposited in a bank account and the funds will be spent according to the wishes of a council of Batwa leaders at the end of each month. If you would like to leave your name and a comment feel free to do so using the form below. 

If you would like to leave donations directly to the bank account, the details are given here:


Account Number: 01630015469663

Swift code: DFCUUGKA

Address: DFCU bank kisoro 

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